Who Am I

Meet Evelyn Chau, Hons B.A. NLP.P

Evelyn Chau began her coaching career working with high-performance athletes. She helped train a 14-year old Patrick Chan using visualization to sharpen his already formidable figure-skating skills. Now, after delivering results for gold medalists in several sports, Evelyn offers her techniques to the high-performance corporate individuals.

Her experience at CBC Radio enables her to coax performance and presence out of speakers, their previously wooden tones giving way to engaging and warm delivery.

Her powerful methods have helped people enhance their mental toughness, outdo their expectations and overcome both verbal and non-verbal communications challenges.

Evelyn’s formal education includes an Honours B.A. from Trinity College, University of Toronto; Co-Active Coaching (CTI) Fundamentals; Coaching Intensive with Adler International; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Training, and “The Revolutionary Practice of Mind-Body Medicine” from the Harvard Medical School in Boston.