Communicate You

Do you:

  • feel at ease in front of a crowd or in studio
  • connect effectively with clients, co-workers and bosses
  • want to be more engaging and persuasive

Many people get the jitters in front of the camera or microphone. Unfamiliar surroundings and the fact that no one seems to be on the other side can throw them off. Even seasoned  public speakers can feel intimidated and lose their usual flair. As a result, their message suffers. Would you like to craft a message that fits your position as thought leader in your field? Would  you like to have the communication techniques that help you project confidence? What about  delivering such an engaging script that people immediately embrace your ideas?

I can help you:

  • feel comfortable in front of a microphone or camera
  • embrace the spotlight and welcome opportunities of airing your thoughts
  • become authoritative and persuasive

Here is what I can do:


(coaching – 3 hours)

The zone is the most ideal mindset for any activity, be it public speaking, negotiations or sports. When you are there, you experience clarity and a flow of inspiration. You’re in a relaxed state of laser-sharp focus. Be head and shoulders above your peers by learning how to get into the zone, whenever and wherever you want.



(half-day studio assist)

Learn how to express yourself with flair on stage, in studio or at negotiations. Get techniques
to prep yourself before the event so your mind is at ease. We work on breath control, body
language and voice empowerment.



Structure your talks to maximize engagement, using the latest findings in human psychology.  Be proactive with job interviews and understand how top interviewers think. Use your body language effectively.



My video production partners and I will be delighted to meet and assess your needs.

Contact us – – to arrange a meeting.