Speak with ease and confidence Wherever you find yourself

What happens to your heart-rate in the spotlight?

If you need to speak up more at work but constantly try to avoid the spotlight, you have lots of company and you’re at the right place. We help get you in an optimal mindset for public performance – confident, calm and connected. That’s how you get recognized.



Say yes to  applause for your presentations

Your talks are extensions of you, your service and products. Let’s make your speaking events outstanding for you AND your audience. Let’s get your message across in the most engaging and memorable way. People will find it easy to take up your suggestions.

Do you walk into the boardroom with the surefire mindset of a winner?

You are facing self-doubt and jitters before an interview or meeting. We can relate. Borrowing a page from high-performance athletes and international gold medalists, we help you overcome challenges of the workplace or business world to be top of your field.




My name is Evelyn Chau. I am a Communications Strategist and Co-Active Coach

I understand your need to stand out in a crowded field. My techniques will help you look good, sound great and breathe easy. We can work one-on-one, in small groups and I also give in-studio support. Communications is the one degree of separation between plodding along and being recognized.

Say yes to it.


Be At Ease in the Spotlight

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Be Seen, Heard and Noticed

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Increase Your Value

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Contact Evelyn at powerfulpresence@bell.net to make the changes you\’ve always wanted.