Just got off the course. I must admit, I felt a big difference. In fact I tied the best score of my life. I felt much more focused, I didn’t get down on myself, and I let my body do the work. Thanks for the help!

I went really great again. Same score. Over came a lot of mistakes to shoot a really good round. Staying way more positive. It’s making a big difference.

This is starting to get scary. Today, I was absolutely on fire. I beat my best score by 6 strokes.  You’re a great coach.

The visualization exercise had a wonderful effect on me. Prior to working with you, every time I thought about my presentation, I had a feeling of anxiety, but ever since then, whenever I think about it, the anxiety is nowhere to be found. I honestly can’t believe how effective it was. Thank you for guiding me through it.

Before working with Evelyn, standing up in front of an audience was terrifying and it never went well.  After just one session with Evelyn, I felt more confident, and comfortable speaking to an audience.  I was able to deliver my best talk and generated business because of it.  I will definitely continue to work with her.  Thank you Evelyn!

During the marathon I felt clear and focused, making adjustments and strategies for my pace.  I also noticed an improvement on my energy levels at the end of the race. I was able to go full force right to the end. It was wonderful.

Thank you, Evelyn!   I have benefited greatly from your visioning.